Who We Are

sonoma county 4H youth

Mission: "Empowering and supporting youth agricultural education and leadership development in Sonoma County. Vision: "To promote and inspire Sonoma County youth participation in agriculture, leadership and educational activities through scholarships, grants and a place for youth to meet.

The Youth Ag & Leadership Foundation of Sonoma County, a non-profit 501c(3) corporation, was established in 1982 to support, promote and enhance youth leadership programs in Sonoma County. Through the Foundation, youth clubs and county-wide projects, activities and events can apply for grants to enhance and benefit their work. Scholarships are available for youth to attend education conferences throughout California and the United States to enrich their lives. The Foundation is also proud to offer educational scholarships to promising young men and women to attend college and trade schools.

In 1994 the Foundation built the Sonoma County Center. Located in Rohnert Park, the Center is used for club and county events and activities, training events for adult leaders and members, outreach activities and general meeting space. The multi-purpose room is capable of accommodating 300 people with flexibility to divide the space into 2 medium-sized rooms or 4 small rooms. The building has a kitchen, office space, outdoor space for miscellaneous educational events and activities and adequate parking. The Foundation continues to operate and maintain this  Center. The Foundation is administered by a Board of Directors representing finance, education, business and agriculture.


Foundation Directors

Executive Director:  Felicia Rush

Terri Balletto

Clem Carinalli

Fred Frey

Ben Hampton

Katie Lundy

Ann Carinalli-Middlebrook

Jim Pacatte

Tim Tesconi


Doug Beretta

Lynn Cunningham

Tony Ghisla

Matt Junkel

Sam McMillan

Amanda Moretti

Tom Parsons

Adrienne Uboldi


Jim Bertoli

Jim Famini

Fred Groverman

Steve Knudsen

Jamie Mickelson

Mike Nonella

Mark Singleton



Larry Bastianon
John Cornolo
Couston Crouse
Shirley Dempel
Jim Groom
Fred Groverman
Jim Keegan
Elvira Lavell
Harriet Polansky
Bob Sisson
Tim Tesconi
Susan Wright