Grant Applications

Apply for a Youth Ag Leadership Foundation Grant

The Youth Ag Leadership Foundation is proud to support our Sonoma County 4-H clubs. Club members and leaders have a chance to apply for grants twice a year. Once in Spring (due February 15th) and once in the Fall (due November 15th). These grants help with project costs and help the clubs to grow, and expand. 

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2019 Spring Grant Recipients

Two Rock 4-H

$500 – Leather craft supplies for Leather Craft Project.

$501.50 – Archery supplies ( bows, arrows, stretch bands and bow stringers) for Archery project.

Penngrove 4-H

$475 – Fitting team cost expenses for Sonoma County Dairy Goat project.

2018 Spring & Fall Grant Recipients

Independence 4-H

$997 – Wood Carving Supplies

$180 – Dog agility obstacles for Countywide Dog Agility project.

Steuben 4-H

$500 – Wireless Projector

Gateway 4-H

$379 – 4-H Supplies (pins and handbooks)

Green Valley 4-H

$205 – Food dehydrator and pressure canner Food Preservation project.

$150 – Horse riding lessons for Horse project.

$113 – Floral equipment for Floral project

Redwood 4-H

$300 – Flag Set for new club.

Golden Hills

$275 – Bows and arrows for Archery project.

$187.50 – Hand tools, saws, saw horses for Woodworking project.

Sequoia 4-H

$213 – Rocket kits and motors for Model Rocketry project.